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Game Changer in Energy worldwide
Energy Independence is here Now !

Magnetic Energy Solutions, Inc. has an advanced new technology that is an alternative power source for home generators and solar panels. This new technology requires No Gasoline, No Solar, No Natural Gas and No Wind Power to operate. No fuel is required, all the output power is generated internally, and the unit is self-charging. The unit is called "MET" and is NOT a rechargeable battery either. This innovation is scalable and can be used in electric vehicles and residential homes with no need for recharging or refueling, the sky's the limit with this new energy technology. The company is also developing a smaller portable unit for camping. The unit operates on Neodymium magnets also known as super magnets, plus our patent design "thermoacoustic magnetic driver vortex system" can power from 2,500 watts up to 20,000 watts if needed. Not many people know about this new advanced technology in energy, we are looking for a few accredited investors to finish out the project and get UL approval before we sub-license the technology out to manufacturers.

Our company has worked with the Department of Energy, NASA, Los Alamos National Lab, the military and their related Universities on other projects. Our engineers are dedicated to achieving energy independence with this new technology. The power generation technology is 'patented' by Magnetic Energy Solutions, Inc. The technology we have developed is called the "Pulsing Magnetic Vortex" this is the “secondary unit” which works along with the magnetic energy unit "MET", which is proprietary information, this is where most of the power is created and generated from. The company wishes to keep this confidential for now and is used in the process and methods that will be used in manufacturing and production. 


Our company has been working on this for a few years and now we are ready to complete the final phase and get UL approval before going to the marketplace which is worldwide.

Magnetic Energy Solutions, Inc. is a leader in innovation and technology that strives to improve the world through magnetic energy and science. The company is developing new ideas and technologies that offer energy independence, environmental sustainability and other cutting-edge opportunities.


Developing the Magnetic Power Generator the homeowner would not depend on the power grid as most people do. The technology can also be downsized to a portable unit with 4 outlets and a phone charger, and again No Fuel required for operation of any kind, everything is internal. Great for power outage blackouts or after a hurricane in which power is needed. 


** As an additional note, the magnetic energy technology can also be used for the “Crypto Blockchain” such as Bitcoin, which requires a lot of energy for mining and keeping the blockchain system online worldwide. Significant savings for the miners that mine Bitcoin, an exhaustible energy source for the mining operation.

In the world where all resources are exhausted and an energy crisis is looming worldwide, there is dire need of utilizing alternative and renewable sources of energy. Apart from water, solar and wind energies, a relatively new and powerful energy being tapped into these days is magnetic energy. Neodymium magnets are the world's strongest magnets, magnetic fields are used to make electricity. Moving a magnet around a coil of wire, or moving a coil of wire around a magnet, pushes the electrons in the wire and creates an electrical current or the magnetic energy.

The Pulsing Magnetic Vortex Generator is complex system with proprietary technology within the unit, an organized structural arrangement of permanent magnets, coils and other components with a specially designed software that is used to generate and dispense electrical energy output when needed or required for a particular application. This is the field that contains magnetic energy. The units can produce 2,500 watts up to 20,000 watts of power, depending on what is needed at the time.


*** The generator can also be used to recharge the battery of an electric car while moving. The battery drains down to a certain point, and our magnetic power unit will start up and recharge the battery to 100 percent while you're traveling down the road, our magnetic power unit will cut off and then recycle over again, keeping the battery constantly charged. You will never need to STOP the car and charge it like people do today. No need for charging stations anymore.


No need to charge your electric car ever again with this new energy technology that keeps the battery charged at all times. No more stopping and looking for charging stations day or night. The future is here for electric cars.

News video above is the prototype that was on national news of a Magnetic Generator that demonstrates the technology is sound and valid. No fuel required for operation. Can be started with a battery source or hand crank for outdoor generations. The generator will operate and run until the unit is physically turned off. Our units that are going to UL approval are very quiet and are more superior than the prototype in the news. This news video gives you an idea of the concept of energy for the world for Electric cars and for Homes.

The Technology


Moving a magnet around a coil of wire, or moving a coil of wire around a magnet, pushes the electrons in the wire and creates an electrical current. Magnetic energy, if harnessed properly along with our proprietary technology within the unit can produce huge amount of electric energy.


The unit uses Neodymium Magnets aka "Super Magnetics" and is fuel free with no outside resources to generate the power. All the power is generated within the unit. The magnetic power produced working with the "thermoacoustic driver vortex system" can produce all your daily power needs at home or other places where power is needed, thereby cutting down your electric bills to zero.


Magnetic Energy Solutions, Inc. is in the process of raising funds to develop and complete the Underwriters Laboratories UL approval and certification before going to the marketplace for commercialization and manufacturing of the magnetic units which is worldwide. Investors are welcome to join us in this effort.


Under current SEC guidelines, only accredited investors can access this investment opportunity. If you are an accredited investor and want to get involved in this most exciting technology, which can transform how we supply energy to our homes, commercial and electric cars in the 21st century, for a prospective and more information call 561-707-1633.

The Timing
is Now


So, let's start with why? Did you know that nearly a billion people across the globe lack access to electricity? In the same token, over 40% of the world’s population is not connected to the internet. These are just a few examples of where power and connectivity are vital to everyday life. Plus, electric cars no more charging the batteries and portable power units ready when needed during blackouts.

The savings cost to the consumer is greatly improved over today's standards. Behind each of its innovations, technologies and programs, we work actively to bring together the strengths and experiences of the public, private research and development sectors.

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