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Magnetic Energy Solutions, Inc.



  "Revolutionary Green Technology for Electrical Power Generation using Pulsing Magnetic Vortex Energy"


Magnetic Energy Solutions, Inc. has an advanced new technology for Electrical Power Generation for home use well beyond today's standards. Our units require No Fuel to operate and generates up to 20,000 watts. No Fuel which means savings to the customer and provides a longer lifespan on the unit with No maintenance. This technology is a "Game Changer" for the generator industry.

This technology is called "The Pulsing Magnetic Vortex" and is patented by Magnetic Energy Solutions and the company is based in Florida. This is the only known technology that can operate on No Fuel of any kind. The technology has already been proven suitable for use in residential homes, industry, transportation and other applications. Our initial unit will be 5,000 watts and we can go larger or smaller depending on the application that is needed. Our generators meet all energy efficiency and environmental standards worldwide, and its completely GREEN. With these units the homeowner would not depend on the power grid. The homeowner would use the power grid only when necessary.

The technology can also be downsized to a portable unit with 3 outlets and a phone charger, also No Fuel is required for the unit of any kind, used for blackouts or after a hurricane in which power is needed. This technology will help the environment, save energy and create hundreds of new jobs. Individuals willing to "think outside the box" are needed now to push the envelope of this new technology and broaden its scope.

*** Magnetic Energy Solutions, Inc. is in the process of raising funds to complete the Underwriters Laboratories UL approval and certification for manufacturing and commercialization. Under current SEC guidelines, only accredited investors can access this investment opportunity. If you are an accredited investor and want to get involved in this most exciting technology, which can transform how we do Power Generation in our homes and for commercial use in the 21st century.

We hope these attributes merit your serious consideration. All qualified parties interested in an opportunity to partner with Magnetic Energy Solutions, Inc. and to pursue its GREEN solution to an industry facing imminent change are encouraged to request a confidential business plan for consideration.


After proper funding Magnetic Energy Solutions, Inc. will be building the most reliable, free energy efficient generators systems in the world. I would like an opportunity to learn your thoughts on this new technology in Power Generation. I can be reached at 561-707-1633 and my e-mail is

The company's web site is

I hope you find this idea to be of interest.


Keith Franklin

Chairman & CEO

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